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Most of my writing and most of the "products" described on this website are serious, if not scholarly, activities, including heavily-researched mining history and family genealogy. But, I also enjoy writing humor, and finally found an outlet to express this deviation of my personality. The articles listed below were printed in the monthly newsletter of Tucson Arizona's Fit Center, a 2600-hundred member exercise and fitness facility for adults over the age of 50 and those with medical needs. (See Generally, these "Gym Rat Rantings" are specific to the gym, i.e., they mention gym people and gym activities. But you should be able to follow the story lines and perhaps get a chuckle out of one or two of them. Thanks to Shelley, the Fit Center Manager; her son Tyler; Membership Chairperson, Joy; a specially gifted instructor and trainer, Lynne; and Pat, who shares my life, for providing the material described in these columns.

Article No. Publication Month Title
1 November, 2006 No Man is an Island
2 December, 2006 Muscle Up for Fitness
3 January, 2007 Sign Up for Life
4 February, 2007 More Sign Up for Life
5 March, 2007 The Lobby Gauntlet
6 April, 2007 No Respect
7 May, 2007 Life on a Treadmill
8 June, 2007 The Finer Points of Exercise
9 July, 2007 Substitute Teachers
10 August, 2007 Happy Birthday Tucson
11 September, 2007 Battle of the Pillbox
12 October, 2007 Living Healthy - Diet
13 November, 2007 Living Healthy - Weight Control
14 December, 2007 The Holidays Remind us to be Thankful
15 January, 2008 A Shoulder to Cry About
16 February, 2008 Antidote for Road Rage
17 March, 2008 Frozen Shoulder Update
18 May, 2008 Lucky in Matters of the Heart
19 September, 2008 Hang on to those Family Treasures
20 October, 2008 The Ultimate Senior Monument
21 November, 2008 Not Just Another Football Weekend
22 December, 2008 A Year-End Christmas Card for Pat
23 January, 2009 Pet Peeves
24 February, 2009 The Problems of Getting Older
25 April, 2009 The Joys of Old Age
26 May, 2009 Life with a Super Knitter
27 June, 2009 Rear Ended in the Foothills
28 July, 2009 On the Road in Utah and Colorado
29 August - September, 2009 Reborn as a Writer
30 November, 2009 Letís Celebrate!
31 December, 2009 A Year of Writing a Newspaper Column
32 January/February, 2010 Remember Mount Lemmon
33 April, 2010 When You Were 42 Years Old
34 May, 2010 What's On Your Bucket List
35 June/July, 2010 Inviting Historical Figures to Dinner
36 August, 2010 On a Recent Road Trip to Sedona
37 September, 2010 On to Las Vegas
38 October, 2010 A Side Benefit of Gym Membership
39 November, 2010 Twenty Nine Lines to Make You Smile (from the internet)
40 December, 2010 A Lesson Belatedly Learned
41 January, 2011 All I Want is a Telephone
42 February, 2011 A Glass of Red Wine
43 March, 2011 Starting a Mexican Adventure
44 April, 2011 Fulfilling a Dream in Mexico
45 May, 2011 Todayís Lessons (from the internet)

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