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Ring Brothers History

Ring & Related Family History

NOTE:  the Sections below are mostly PDF's, and some of them are large in size and depending on the computer and your connection, they may take quite some time to open.  Be patient, they will open on most computers.

Ambrose Ely & Grace Harned Ring Family:

This history covers Ambrose Ely & Grace Harned Ring, Bob and Al's paternal grandfather and grandmother.  Their youngest son, Clinton E. Ring, Bob and Al's father, contributed much to this section, as did Steven C. Ring, Bob's youngest son.  A partial family tree in the information below is included to help you sort out Ring family members.  A word of caution:  much of the original material below is included the way it was written, complete with misspellings, spellings of the day, and/or infrequent slang, that some could interpret as offensive.

Through The Years With Ambrose Ely Ring, Intro, 1883 to 1914
Through The Years With Ambrose Ely Ring, 1915 to 1929
Through The Years With Ambrose Ely Ring, 1930 to 1952
1905/1906 Old Glory Trip
1916 American Institute of Mining Engineers (AIME) Trip 
1926 Australia Trip
1930 Guiana Trip

Clinton Eugene & Charlotte Brehm Ring Family:

In loving remembrance, Al put together the following records on our parents. The history covers their childhoods, college days, and their working lives. Not included yet, but to be added in the future, is the balance of their life together after 1938. Of special note are Al’s tributes in the form a scrapbook for Mom and a video for Dad.

Charlotte Brehm Childhood Photo Album
Charlotte Brehm at Gamma Phi Beta, University of Arizona
Charlotte Brehm Ring Memento Book
My Mom (Tribute to Charlotte Ring by Al Ring)
Clinton Eugene Ring 1915 to 1938
Charlotte A. & Clinton E. Ring Photo History, 1938 to 1965
Charlotte A. & Clinton E. Ring Photo History (slides), 1964 to 1971
Charlotte A. & Clinton E. Ring Photo History, 1972 to 1979
Charlotte A. & Clinton E. Ring Photo History, 1980 to 1984
Charlotte A. & Clinton E. Ring Photo History, 1985 to 1987
Charlotte A. & Clinton E. Ring Photo History, 1988 to 1993
Charlotte A. & Clinton E. Ring Photo History, 1994 to 2000
Clinton E. Ring Photo History, 2001 to 2005
Clinton E. Ring, 2001 Interview, (Video)
Clinton Eugene Ring - General Electric Career
Clinton Eugene Ring - Celebration of Life (Video)

LeRay and Minnie May Brehm Family:

This history covers our maternal grandparents, Le Ray Brehm and Minnie Drake Brehm plus some history of Minnie Brehm’s parents families, the Drakes, and the Welch’s. Also included is the history of Charlotte Ring’s sister Eunice (our aunt), under the Charles & Eunice Roberts family. That history has special emphasis on the southern Arizona towns of Bisbee and Warren, Arizona. Bob’s youngest son, Steven Ring, contributed much to this section.

Brehm/Drake/Welch Family History As We Have It
Robert's Family History As We Have It

Other Ring Family and Related Family Members:

Over time we hope to gather and present information on other Ring Family and related family members.

Charles H. & Eugene Ring, Jr. Family History
Including Their Time in Basin/Butte Montana

Douglas Harned & Hanna Johnson Ring, Photo Family History
Douglas Ring Cell Phone Report, 1947
William & Katherine Brehm, Photo Family History
Elizabeth Hunt Ring & J. Gordon Spendlove, Photo Family History
Poems for Betty Ring (1931-1932)
Ring/ Spendlove Family 100th Year
Ring/ Spendlove 100th Birthday (Video)
Spendlove Interview, 100th Birthday (Video)

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