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Frontier Lady of Letters - The Heroic Love Story of Ines Fraser (2007, Wheatmark, Inc., 192 pages, soft cover, 9" x 6", $19.95 {plus $3.00 shipping} ISBN 9781587367755.

This is our second book. Our first book, Ruby, Arizona – Mining, Mayhem, and Murder, was a 125-year detailed history of the Montana mine and its Ruby camp, located in south-central Arizona near the international border with Mexico. That book highlighted the notorious double murder of brothers Jack and Alexander Fraser in the Ruby general store in 1920, and introduced Jack’s wife, Ines Fraser.

The Ines Fraser Book, Frontier Lady of Letters – The Heroic Love Story of Ines Fraser is much different from the academic history of Ruby. This book is a personal memoir, written in Ines’s voice. It’s primarily a touching love story, but also a gripping account of how Ines met incredible challenges.

Ines was a woman of tremendous fortitude, whose enthralling life spanned the early mining days on the western frontier to the beginning of the manned space program. She made the best of an incredibly difficult existence with her loving husband Jack in crude mining camps in both Colorado and borderland Arizona, and later, after her husband was horribly murdered, raised her four children alone in San Diego during the Great Depression.

Appreciate Ines as a loving wife and mother.  Her dedication to moral beliefs positively impacted generations that followed.  Ines Fraser exhibited the true spirit of early America that has made this country so great.

Connect with Ines Fraser the intellectual, who thought deeply about family life, education, politics, and religion.  She spent most of her life trying to understand her relationship to the Almighty and exploring daily practices to illuminate and strengthen this relationship.  And she expressed her thoughts and opinions wonderfully, first in beautifully composed letters, later in poetry, and finally in scholarly articles.

Our most important objective with this book was to make Ines Fraser’s account easy to read and enjoyable. The centerpieces of the literary gold mine that we tapped for the book are 75 extremely personal letters that Jack Fraser wrote to Ines from 1913 to 1919. We include many of these historical treasures in our story. We also hope you relish the scores of other family letters, old photographs and examples of Ines’s poetry that we have included.

Ines Fraser Book Reviews


“Readers will enjoy this well-crafted, well-edited memoir that rings authentic and inspirational.” - Green Valley News & Sun, Green Valley, Arizona

“His [Jack Fraser’s] adventures on that rough-and-rascally frontier [Alaskan Klondike gold rush] are worth the price of the book. … As family histories go, this is one of the most entertaining I’ve read.” - The Voice-Tribune, St. Matthews, Kentucky

“The writing trio … first produced Ruby, Arizona – Mining, Mayhem, and Murder. Their second is a natural follow-up. It concerns the widow of Jack Fraser, one of the victims in the first book. … spools out in the format of [Ines] Fraser telling her life story to her grandchildren. … offers an informative … picture of Arizona pioneer life.” – Arizona Daily Star, Tucson, Arizona


“A truly inspiring, completely captivating love story of old southern Arizona.” – Irene Garbushian, Tucson, Arizona

“… was just great! Finished it last night. What a lady!” – Shirley Reynolds, Portland, Oregon

“… wonderful book about my grandparents. Our immediate and extended families have been enthralled about the story you wove together from the letters and your fastidious research. … it is a wonderful trip back into history that many should find informative and enchanting.” – Bruce Kiely, Alexandria, Virginia

“From beginning to end, it reeled in the reader emotionally with universal feelings. … Gripping. … A story to remember and a keeper on the book shelf for those who love history and life.” – Penny Porter, Tucson, Arizona

“… just finished your Ines Fraser book and I really, really enjoyed it! I liked the letter format and how it spanned so much history. Great job!” – Cinta Burgos, Boston, Massachusetts

Ines Fraser as a young woman early 1900's

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